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Coffee Break Lounge
| June 13, 2014
Coffee Break Lounge
| June 13, 2014


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  • Really good job man! Greetings from Morrocco!!

    CCGreetings from Toronto‏
  • Your amazing! I love your songs. You are the best Saudi Arabia MB

  • Onstage, the gospel-influenced Jackson plays with the intensity of a man bearing witness.

    Boston Online
  • Antonio Jackson is a preternatural melody man. Beneath the accessible — you might even say smooth — surface of his sunny compositions lurk the chops of a gifted straight-ahead player and an appreciation of structure that keeps the music from noodling.

    Boston Globe
  • Saw you in Santa Monica a few months ago and we talked about your new album, CHILL IN THE DEEP. Just checking in to see when it will be available?

    Jesper PoulsenCHILL IN THE DEEP‏
  • Hey man, just want you to know that I have not stopped listening to your cd since I started. It has been in my cd player since I played it Thursday. I sincerely hope you go international man, you need to be heard on a grand scale. Keep making beautiful music brotha'!

    EricBeautiful Music
  • Dear Antonio:
    We are thoroughly enjoying your CD ...  God definitely blessed you with tremendous musical talent.  We (Grace & Rachel) enjoyed meeting you on the Promenade Friday...  Your instrumental numbers touch the hearts of many.  It was fun to talk with you about ...  the soprano sax, tenor sax, Israel Houghton, etc. May the Lord continue to bless your career, as you serve Him faithfully.

    Phil, Grace, Rachel and Philip Jr.The Barone Family
  • We are Tony & Helen Pimentel. We've seen you every time you played at Azo Vino in Covina, CA. and purchased your cd's. We miss you there very much. We were told you won't be back at Azo Vino, is this true? Also We tried to purchase your new cd but can't get in to do it. Can we purchase it on amazon? Continued success and we hope to see again, if not a Covina let us know where.

    Tony PimentelAntonio Jackson Site & Newsletter
  • I enjoyed listening to your CD as I made my way home to the Bakersfield area. Please stay in touch and let us know where you are, and what you are doing. I wish you much continued success in everything you do.

    Frank J. Jollivette IICalifornia State University Bakersfield
  • I'm from Melbourne Australia. Saw you on Santa Monica Promenade. Talked to you for a bit and told you I was learning alto sax. Bought your CD and play it all the time!!! Do you have anything on itunes?

    Anthony TilliITunes?
  • Antonio,

    You are a most gracious and talented performer, and we enjoyed ourselves completely. We explored your web site and it’s great. Pictures are great and the music is great. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    Paul and Reisa‏Hello from Paul and Reisa‏
  • We enjoyed your music over and over again all the way home to San Diego (very relaxing). I look forward to being one of your fans for life. Thanks again for touching our souls with great sounds you are a very classy gentleman

    Steve CraneLittle League, Inc.
  • Just wanted to drop you a note, thank you for the CD and the wonderfully magical evening. You are a beautiful performer, much more than a musician, if that makes sense.

    DebraWhat a magical evening...‏
  • My wife and I bought three of your CDs.  I just wanted to drop you a line to say that the discs are terrific!  I've been listening to them at the office and the car since returning home to Toronto and have been thoroughly entertained.  Great choice of music. 

    Santosh K. ChariGreetings from Toronto‏
  • Mr. Jackson, I just have to tell you.. You can play the heck outa that Sax!!! That's some talent you got…. Im prayin you make it, I mean really make it, really get out there, cus you got it! Whatever "it" is, you got it! Keep goin, keep playin, keep entertainin. You're time will just has to. God Bless, Sally B

    Sally BayramYou sure can play that Sax!‏
  • I bought your CD and BLAST IT ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREEWAY!!  It is awesome!  I've enjoyed LA so much, that I've decided to extend my stay for another month and I would love to hear you perform live again. I've told everyone I've come in contact with about your CD and even wrote home with links to your website.  YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED!

    SiedahWhere are you performing this week?
  • ...It's been years since I purchased a cd and liked every track on it , but I'd never purchased a cd and loved every track on it until I listened to yours.  It's hot, it's sexy, it's clever and it raptures the soul and it's earned a place with my other timeless pieces.  Your talent is a gift to the world!  I've got to get more to give as gifts. 

    Rita RobertsDiggin' your music‏
  • This is LaChelle, we met at 3rd Street Promenade :-)  Just wanted you to know that I think you are very talented and you have a good vibe.  I listened to your cd… on the way to work and it was the bomb :-)  You really are awesome!!! Keep up the good work, stay positive and the sky is the limit my friend!!!!!!! Blessings always, LaChelle

    LaChelle WorlineHi Antonio
  • My name is Wes. My son and I had the pleasure of meeting you down the 3rd Street Promenade. We bought one of your c.d.'s and have enjoyed it very much. I loaded it up on my ipod so I can listen where ever I choose. I ride a motorcycle and often take my ipod with me. I don't listen to much Jazz but I appreciate your music and your humility. May god continue to bless you in all that you do Antonio. Remember to "keep your hands open so God can put more blessings in there" you are blessed with the gift of music may it touch many!

    Wes SkworzecChaplin, Marine Riders, Las Vegas, Nv.
  • Mr.Jackson, Brotha, not sure if you'll remember me,however i caught the very end of ur show by chance at 3rd street promenade. And u followed it up with "Your Sweetness" for me and the gentleman that i was with! Just wanted to give u full props on ur CD! It's amazing!! I'm truly enjoying it! May the Creator guide and Bestow his mercy on you throughout your journey. Would love to see u perform live. Please keep in touch and inform me of any Cali...Southern Cali shows that u do. 

    Peace and Blessing to u and yours.

    Sistah KarimaYour CD

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Welcome to the official website and online production studio of Independent Saxophonist and Producer Antonio Jackson (AJMusic). May you smiledance and be inspired by the music. Share The Love!

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Coffee Break Lounge

Coffee Break Lounge

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Chill In The Deep

Chill In The Deep

AJMusic GroupHouse / Electronic
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Steppin Out

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Dream Come True

Dream Come True

AJMusic GroupSmooth Jazz

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So you like jazz, smooth jazz, r&b, gospel, soul, pop, dance music, etc. Take you pick and listen to fresh original mixes & tracks from the saxophonist. No matter if you’re at home, at work or on your mobile phone, just click on the titles below to start listening. Enjoy!

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Chill In The Deep
Chill In The Deep
| June 16, 2014

Chill In The Deep

House, Dance, Electronica, Jazz

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PROSTATE CANCER, PULMONARY HYPERTENSION & SARCOIDOSIS are three very distinct illnesses that have hit home for saxophonist Antonio Jackson. In addition to Music & Education, finding ways to get involved musically through Health Awareness & Research is very important for the saxophonist. Click to donate and to find out how you too can get more involved.

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Coffee Break Lounge
| June 13, 2014