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Thank You Everybody!


What a beautiful music!! You sound as in my country we say "as Angels".


Agustina (Spain)

I thought I'm listening to Kenny G! You are totally awesome!

Thina (the lady in orange w/camera)
Nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you, Antonio! I was really touched by your music! Absolutely wonderful!


You're so awesome! God Bless... Keep going and never give up. So talented!
Su bist echt toll! Translate: you are so cool.

Merkus Rossmeirl from Germany
Play the soul out of that Sax!

You're a winner, you can't lose!!! Play the soul out of your axe. I play alto - u inspire 2 go higher!


Just wanted to give u full props on ur CD! It's amazing!! I'm truly enjoying it! May the Creator guide and Bestow his mercy on you throughout your journey.

Sistah Karima
Sky is the limit

Just wanted you to know that I think you are very talented and you have a good vibe. I listened to your cd this morning on the way to work and it was the bomb :-) You really are awesome!!!

Keep up the good work, stay positive and the sky is...

Rita Roberts

It's been years since I purchased a cd and liked every track on it , but I'd never purchased a cd and loved every track on it until I listened to yours. It's hot, it's sexy, it's clever and it raptures the soul and it's earned a place with my othe...

Rita Roberts
What a magical evening...?

Just wanted to drop you a note, thank you for the CD and
the wonderfully magical evening. You are a beautiful performer, much
more than a musician, it that makes sense.

Thank You

Antonio, I wanted to first thank you for the cd. It is amazing and I would have no doubt that if you barged into 94.7 or 103.5 and forced them to play this their phones would light up with requests to find out where they could find it and who the ...

David Rolbin
Your Jazz CD

...I got to listen to the cd i bought from you in Santa Monica on saturday evening. Let me tell you, that i love it....Your absolutely great! There is no doubt you are gonna make it, all i have to say now is Kenny G-----watch out, theres a new kid...

You sure can play that Sax!

...I'm prayin you make it, I mean really make it, really get out there, cus you got it! Whatever "it" is, you got it! Wish I could help..I'll keep you in mind, that's for sure..spread the word n all..you Take care. Keep goin, keep playin, keep ent...

Sally B

It is some weeks ago when we met 2 times in Santa Monica during your performances. We picked up 2 CDs and still enjoy the music. Our trip across California went well and we returned to Carinthia (Austria) in best health and with many expressions. ...

Joachim Wieltschnig

A great sound which "talked" to my soul kept my attention. Around the street,I listened to you, playing that beautiful music that guided end of our trip. Talk with you was very pleasant,your sympathy and your charisma will be a great remember! Tha...

Paul From France

I bought three of your CDs. I just wanted to drop you a line to say that the discs are terrific! I've been listening to them at the office and the car since returning home to Toronto and have been thoroughly entertained. Great choice of music.

Santosh K. Chari
Beautiful music!

Hey man, just want you to know that I have not stopped listening to your cd since I started. It has been in my cd player since I played it Thursday. I sincerely hope you go international man, you need to be heard on a grand scale. Keep making beau...

I bought CDs #1 and #3. How do I get #2 and #4? Please let me know?

I loved them both. Is there a way I can get the actual CDs through the mail? As good as your music is, I'm astonished that you're not as well known as somebody like Dave Koz, etc.

I'd love to hear your music on 94.7, the Wave station.

Marty F.

We are thoroughly enjoying your CD ... God definitely blessed you with tremendous musical talent. We (Grace & Rachel) enjoyed meeting you on the Promenade Friday night. Your instrumental numbers touch the hearts of many. It was fun to talk wit...

Phil, Grace, Rachel and Philip Jr.
You Are Truly Gifted!!

...I bought your CD and BLAST IT ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREEWAY!! It is awesome! (I wanted to turn around and come back, but traffic would not allow! I've enjoyed LA so much, that I've decided to extend my stay for another month and I would love to ...

I love music
Love the site

Hey Antonio! I really love the site. Keep up the good work.

Jack C.

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